Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Cakes w/ my Cricut

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. I'm new to blogging so please forgive me if I screwed anything up!

I just bought a Cricut cake (hasn't come in the mail yet) because I was giving my regular Cricut Expression too much of a workout! I figured it would be best to keep my Cricut Expression for paper/vinyl and other stuff and my Cricut Cake just for cake stuff! Very excited!

Anyhow, these are some cakes that I have done w/ my regular Cricut Expression (just a few adjustments to the machine to cut gum paste). I LOVE Linda McClures recipe for Gum Paste. She does amazing work, you can check out all the steps to make the gum paste that cuts great through the cricut right here:
By the way, I've tried using the Cricut Frosting Sheets - they care crazy expensive and honestly they do a lousy job! They crack constantly no matter how many times I've tried shortening or other tips from others. They aren't worth the money or my time. Linda's gum paste has been wonderful. Now I just need Kitchenaid to make a pasta roller that is 12" long!

I also own the (formally) Quickut Silhouette Machine - but have yet to do much w/ it w/ regard to paper or gum paste. Once I can save up a little more $ - I'll buy Lindas dvd for using the gum paste w/ the Silhouette.

The farm cake was done using the Animal Kingdom cartridge. I had fun making this cake for my friends little girl.

The transportation cake was for my son's 2nd birthday. I used a few different cartridges for this one (going places, b is for boy and paperdoll dress up)

Storybook font on castle cake

Disney cartridge on Mickey Cake

Flags from Designers Calendar Cartridge on Helicopter cake.

Thanks for looking!

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